Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are at their best in the “Passengers” bloopers

Sometimes the only thing better than watching actual movies is watching the bloopers. Actually, the bloopers might even be more entertaining, depending on the movie. As for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s blooper reel from Passengers, it’s possibly the most entertaining thing we’ve seen since witnessing the co-stars be their ridiculously hilarious selves while promoting the movie in interviews and on red carpets.

Like the time they stopped by BBC Radio 1 and played a game in which they delivered insults to each other, but in the sweetest, most adorable way, of course. They literally sat facing each other and just spewed insults — the purpose being to make each other laugh…which they did…a lot.

Or the time Pratt decided to crop Lawrence out of all of his Instagram photos, which pretty much sums up their relationship. Like this pic:

But back to the topic at hand.

BuzzFeed was able to get ahold of the Passengers blooper reel, and after watching it over and over again, we’ve decided that it proves two things: Lawrence and Pratt can’t not be hilarious together and remembering lines is hard.

Since there were basically only two other essential characters in the movie, aside from Lawrence and Pratt, the blooper reel features them as well.

And as it turns out, Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne and as goof ball-y as their co-stars.

Check out the bloopers:

"You're so talented I feel like I can't even look at you." "I know, it's like staring at the sun."

This is comedy gold, people.