5 Ways the Law of Attraction Can Help You Conquer Your Career Goals

Over your job? This mindful practice can help you feel less stuck.

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Have you ever felt stuck in your career, but didn’t know how to fix it? While it’s completely natural to feel confused about your current job, you can begin to use a mental mindset called The Law of Attraction to help you switch your perspective about your career.

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is a school of thought that says, in layman’s terms, we attract what we focus on. Practitioners of LoA believe that by focusing on the good things in your life, you raise your vibrations and then the universe brings other things into your life that are on that same vibrational plane. There is some research on vibrations and our brain; in studies around Brain Wave Vibration (BWV) training, participants experienced more happiness, better moods, and a more general sense of well-being.

So can you use LoA in your quest for a better career? More money? A new gig? According to manifestation and mindset coach Shannon M. Quinn, you absolutely can. The TikTok fave shared her tips to crushing your career goals with the Law of Attraction.

Have a daily practice that is just for you

Manifestation is about focus, and it’s important to make it a daily practice. Quinn is a big proponent of using visualization to help you bring your goals into focus. “Visualizing with music is one of the most powerful things you can do,” she shares. Quinn suggests taking 5 to 10 minutes and putting on a playlist of empowering songs that “make you feel like a badass.” During this time, Quinn counsels to imagine the life you want to live: “What are you wearing? Where do you live? Who are you talking to?” Visualizing is meant to raise your energy and activate your manifestation powers.

Act as if you already have it

This technique is similar to the popular, “Fake til you make it” mantra. But, there is some truth to it. Quinn says, “Do whatever you can do in your current situation to draw the [job, salary, or work event] you want to you.” This can be practicing your Oscar speech now or already calling yourself that fancy new job title. Acting as if you already have it can be pretty powerful—and science backs this up. The concept of neuroplasticity theorizes that our brains can adapt based on the environment around us, causing us to both think and behave differently.

Find the good in your current situation

If you’re looking for a new job, chances are you aren’t happy with your current job. However, the negative emotions you’re feeling in your current position may be hindering your manifestation mojo. “Start actively searching for things you love about your current job,” says Quinn. It can be something as small as your favorite chair in the office or your work bestie. The trick isn’t to find things to keep you at your job but to focus on the positive to raise your energy as you try and find your next great thing.

Don’t give energy to bad people or situations

According to Quinn, “This is one of the things people have such a hard time with—but it makes a world of difference.” Essentially, giving feelings or energy to these negative things is taking energy away from the positive things you are trying to manifest. For instance, if you have Negative Nancies in your office, Quinn suggests taking a bathroom break to avoid them. “I will just pretend to go to the bathroom, like ‘Oh my god, I have to go to the bathroom!’ and then leave.” And who hasn’t feigned a bathroom break to get out of an uncomfortable conversation?

Remember: It’s all about frequencies

Quinn isn’t very prescriptive in how you manifest, as long as you have one goal in mind: “To get [your] frequency on the frequency you want.” She describes frequencies as radio waves—you can’t get 98.1 Kiss FM if your car radio is tuned to 106.1 KMEL, right? Our brains have different frequencies and they have an impact on our cognitive ability and even our moods. Beta (β) waves are when we are actively engaged, meanwhile Alpha (α) waves are when our minds are at rest. Past studies have shown that brainwave frequencies are impacted by music and other external stimuli. In short, our brains can be activated by certain songs, physical activity, and even seeing people we love, so the more you connect yourself with your joy, the closer you can get to raising your frequencies to help you manifest what you want for your career.