A new law is trying to make electric cars louder, and it actually makes a lot of sense

Since we love ~Mother Earth~ we spend a good amount of time researching how we can be more environmentally friendly. One pretty big way is by giving electric cars a shot. While electric cars have advantages *and* disadvantages, it’s hard to deny that an electric car is better than a gas car when it comes to being environmentally friendly. But there is one issue: Electric cars are so quiet that they can actually be more dangerous. As a result, a new law is trying to make electric cars louder.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,

“Silent vehicles are 19 percent more likely to hit a pedestrian than a regular gas-powered car.

Like, whoa. That’s pretty freaky. We’ll definitely be taking this into account when we wander aimlessly throughout the city! Time to say goodbye to texting and walking.

According to CNET, the so-called Quiet Car rule will start being implemented within the next couple of years.

“The NHTSA has finally completed its ‘Quiet Car’ rule. And now that it's finalized, automakers will have nearly three whole years to put waterproof noisemakers on their cars—instead of the 18 months originally envisioned.

 We’re pretty curious about how this rule is going to go down, but, until then, we’ll be paying extra attention before we cross the street.