Laverne Cox’s collab with Beyoncé has finally been revealed

You probably know by now, but Laverne Cox is a huge Beyoncé fan. So you can imagine how psyched she must have been when Beyoncé asked her to help out with a super secret project. And finally, after a few weeks of waiting, that project has been revealed.

If you’re not totally up-to-date on Beyoncé news, you may not be familiar with her athleisure fashion brand, Ivy Park. Cox was asked to be part of the campaign for Ivy Park’s latest line, and she just revealed a few gorgeous photos of her modeling for the brand.

She looks incredibly beautiful.

In this promo video that was released yesterday, you can see how flawlessly she fits in with the other powerful individuals who are part of the campaign — including models Grace Bol and Ralph Souffrant, and dancer and choreographer Karen McDonald.

Of course, Cox had nothing but positive words about being featured. In a brief series of tweets, the actress referred to Beyoncé as “life itself.”

While some fans were hoping that perhaps Beyoncé would make an appearance on Orange Is The New Black, the show that helped bring Cox into the spotlight, we actually prefer this collaboration a little more.

Probably because Cox is the perfect choice to represent everyone that the singer hoped to with this line. We can’t help but notice the caption that Ivy Park used on their photo of Cox — “It’s about being free. Listening and moving without any judgement or limitation.”

We love the fact that Queen Bey used such a diverse selection of models. The campaign is truly stunning.

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