Laverne Cox meets wax Laverne Cox and it’s awesome

When we first reported that Laverne Cox would be getting her own wax figure, we couldn’t wait to see how the Madame Tussauds’ artists would render the Orange is the New Black star. What would she be wearing? How would the artists do justice to her consistently #flawless face? Well, now we’ve got answers, as real Laverne Cox has met wax Laverne Cox. And there are photos.

That’s right: Cox met her double last week, and everything about this meeting looks amazing. There’s the fact that the wax figure borrows its dress and pose from her groundbreaking Time magazine cover, and that Cox herself is clearly so excited to be there. C’mon — if you knew that a bevy of artists were literally sculpting you, like the way the ancient Greeks did the gods, you’d be pretty thrilled too. And unlike several wax celebrity figures that look like a direct stop at the Uncanny Valley, Cox’s wax double actually looks like her.

Seriously, can we just look at them?

Also, Laverne’s mom was there for the unveiling which hits us right in the heart place:  

Cox is the first transgender star to be immortalized in wax for Madame Tussauds, but we know she won’t be the last. Congrats to our girl Laverne for marking yet another trans milestone — because while getting your own wax figure is a dream that most people will never achieve, that doesn’t take away from the symbolic importance of having a trans star take her place among pop culture’s most iconic stars.

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