Laverne Cox says this kind of therapy keeps her grounded

Ever since the gorgeous, magnetic Laverne Cox stepped into the spotlight, the world has changed for the better. She’s helped our society change the way we think about gender, and she’s represented the LGTBQ community in incredible ways. With all the TV shows and media events she’s been a part of lately, there’s no doubt Cox has a busy schedule that keeps her on her toes. Which is exactly why she believes so strongly in keeping up a steady rhythm of self-care practices.

In an interview with NBC, Cox said she eats well and sleeps a lot to make sure she’s feeling her best. But she also makes sure she’s regularly going to therapy, and not just any therapy.

She loves practicing somatic therapy, which is a holistic therapeutic approach that incorporates the mind, body, emotions, and spirit into the healing process.

After recently teaming up with a new therapist, Cox explained why it’s been so useful for her.

"So trauma is defined by too much too fast too soon. We can experience really great stuff too much too fast too soon, and our bodies can experience that trauma even when it's great stuff," she said. "Right now I'm trying out different somatic therapy techniques."

While she was shooting the court drama Doubt, Cox said the schedule was really “hectic,” so she tried to keep up with her self-care routine. The next thing on her self-care agenda, though, is taking a vacation. Although she didn’t say where exactly she wanted to go, she knew it needed to be “a tropical place.” Sounds good to us.

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