Laverne Cox gave a shout out to Gavin Grimm at the Grammys — here’s why you should know who that is

While introducing Lady Gaga’s performance on the Grammys, Laverne Cox used her platform to stand with Gavin Grimm. Grimm is a transgender boy in Virginia trying to win the right to use the men’s bathroom. His case is heading to the Supreme Court in March. Grimm had been using public men’s restrooms, so he felt that the next step was to use the bathroom he felt comfortable using at school. He asked the principal if it was okay and was given the green light.

“I went in, went out, same deal as always, Grimm said. “It was like, ‘Okay, great — I can use the bathroom now.’ 

Unfortunately, after controversy in Grimm’s small town, the Gloucester County School Board banned him from using the men’s bathroom at his school. The ACLU took Gavin’s case, stating in the lawsuit that the bathroom policy is unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment and violates Title IX of the U.S. Education Amendments of 1972, a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination by schools. false

“These people have no idea how they’ve hurt my child and how they continue to hurt my child,” said Deirdre Grimm, a nurse. “We didn’t set out to do anything,” said David Grimm, a trades supervisor at a local shipyard. “Only thing we’ve done is try to protect our child. And that is what it means, and that takes whatever form it takes.”

Gavin sums his case up perfectly: “I am just a human. I am just a boy,” he said. “Please consider my rights when you make your decision.”

Thank you Laverne for talking about the issues that transgender Americans are facing. We #StandwithGavin proudly <3

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