Laverne Cox remained beautifully eloquent while responding to a transphobic man on live TV

We ~love~ Laverne Cox, and also the way she’s a cheerleader for the transgender community. The other day, she was at it again. Laverne Cox responded to a transphobic man on TV, reported Mashable, and our hearts are full.

It happened during MBNBC’s Hardball on February 23rd.

Cox, Mara Keisling, and Travis Weber debated what’s happening regarding Trump rescinding transgender protections. ICYMI, Keisling is executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. Weber is director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council. He’s a right-wing activist who argued for states’ rights to determine specific rights offered to transgender people. As you can imagine, it was a lively discussion, to say the least.

When Hardball host Chris Matthews asked Weber whether Cox should use the male or female bathroom, Weber stumbled over an answer. Weber finally said, I think we all understand what the harm is…when you have a 14-year-old girl in the locker room, someone comes in with male genitalia to their locker room, of course they’re gonna be harmed,” reported Refinery29. “Their rights are not being protected here, and all I’m asking for is a reasonable discussion considering their rights…”

Of course, Cox gave the most beautiful response, which you can see here.

Riiiiiiight?! (We heart her so much!) Here’s a little recap.

“I think it’s important, when we have conversations with and about transgender people, that we do not reduce us to body parts,” Cox told Matthews. “We are more than the sum of our parts, and it’s so deeply objectifying and dehumanizing to talk about trans people and reduce us to body parts. That is really disturbing…We need to look at all the hundreds of localities all over the country that have public accommodations protections, and that’s really what we’re talking about for trans people. And everything that he’s claiming happens actually doesn’t happen…”

“My transition was about me existing in public space and thriving in society, Cox told Matthews. “And because I was able to do that, I've been able to thrive. That's all we want.

Okay, does anyone else need a Kleenex rn?! As usual, we love that Cox continues to be an advocate for the trans community and speaks up — #thankful.

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