Laverne Cox provided details about the new season of “Orange Is the New Black,” and here’s what we know

Last season on Orange Is The New Black, Litchfield was missing one very important VIP — Sophia Burset. Luckily, Laverne Cox knows Orange Is The New Black details for its upcoming fifth season, so we’re guessing her character has a strong storyline. (At the very least, we’re hoping she’s on camera a little bit more, and not back in the SHU.)

Unfortunately, she didn’t give away too many spoilers — she only teased what we could be expecting. Still, it sounds pretty interesting.

While Cox isn’t the first person to announce this, the fifth season will be taking place in the time span of mere days. That means that we’re probably going to get really in depth with the characters this year.

Cox definitely doesn’t think this season will lag — which is great news, since it ended so powerfully (and on a really extreme cliffhanger!)

"It is really juicy and really amazing," Cox said proudly in a sit-down interview with People Now. “If you’re a fan, and I’m a fan of the show even as a person who is on it, when I got the script I felt like I was tearing into it."

Cox said that she pretty much couldn’t put the scripts down.

"Next season happens in three days, all 13 episodes happen in a three-day period," Cox noted. "So we are jamming a lot in. A lot happens in that period of three days."

Having so many episodes span such a small amount of time means that the writers really focused on every detail of the new season. And those are details that Cox wishes she could spill — but sadly, she can’t.

"I really would love to tell you," she sincerely said to the hosts of People Now. "We'll have to come back and talk about it."

Co-star Danielle Brooks is also pretty tight-lipped about the season — but just last month, she admitted that the episodes were “intense.”

We’re curious as to how intense they are next to, say, the second to last episode we saw. Since that? That was the most intense thing we’ve ever seen on the show.

To get more clarification (and since it’s just a really great show) we’ll be binge-watching the entire thing on June 9th. Funny enough, it’ll probably take us just about three full days. Perhaps Jenji Kohan did that on purpose.

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