Laverne Cox doesn’t wear makeup on dates for this powerful reason

She’s become a beauty icon by destroying every red carpet she graces and playing the prison hairstylist/pseudo-therapist Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black, but Laverne Cox wears no makeup on her first dates, and the reason why is both powerful and refreshing.

The actress and LGBTQ activist sat down with Access Hollywood Live this week, and she did admit at the moment she’s recently single and not stressing about finding a relationship, but adds that she’s open to a new romance “if the right person comes along.” Laverne refuses to settle for anything (or anyone!) less than the best, and her whole dating philosophy is so on point, we’re cheering.

Laverne looks gorgeous whether she’s in full red carpet glam or showing off a makeup-free body positive selfie on Instagram, but she says she doesn’t fuss with her appearance much in the early stages of dating someone, despite annoying societal norms suggesting women should do the opposite.

She says, "My whole dating [philosophy] is, I show up as Laverne. I don't glam up. I give maybe a little powder for shine, and I'm like, this is it. Because the first few dates, you don't know if they're going to last or not."

Laverne added: “I’m going to put the effort in once you’ve proven that you deserve all of this,” signaling her entire body.

She says in her younger years, she absolutely caved in to pressure to look glammed up on a first date, saying: “I used to, when I was younger. Now, it’s not about trying to make [dates] like me. I used to try and make them like me. Now [my dating criteria is], do I like you? Do we have anything in common? Are you into the real, authentic Laverne, stripped way down?”

Of course, we’re firmly of the belief that you should wear as much makeup as you want, if you want to, or none at all if that’s what you’d prefer. But we love her approach to saving the beauty prep for a person that truly deserves the effort, and we applaud her words of wisdom about beauty and relationships.

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