Laverne Cox made the cutest video with Gavin Grimm, the transgender teen headed to the Supreme Court

Actress, reality star, producer, and LGBTQ advocate Laverne Cox just made the sweetest video with Gavin Grimm, a transgender teen who is headed to SCOTUS in March. Grimm, just wanting the same rights as every other boy in high school, is taking his school district to court to fight their bathroom regulations. And just to make sure that everyone knows about this oh-so-important fight, Cox has been promoting and supporting him all the way through social media using the #standwithgavin hashtag. The video they made over the weekend is cute — it looks like it’s the first time the two met, although Cox did give him a shout out at the Grammys last week.

“Please Google Gavin Grimm. He’s going to the Supreme Court in March,” she told the crowd. Apparently, Grimm had no idea that Cox was going to mention him and his response was thrilling. “She’s just a beautiful person inside and out,” Grimm said. But it looks like they’ve made fast friends.

Grimm said of the Grammy shoutout, “I was really touched and thrilled and honored that that was the first thing out of her mouth… at this point, that’s the role I occupy and I want to make sure I’m using that platform for positive.” 

That’s why yesterday’s Instagram posting with the teen is so cute and heartwarming. The actress is using her platform and her community to uplift Grimm’s efforts for justice in the transgender community.

Grimm had been using public men’s restrooms and he felt that he should be allowed to use them at his school in Virginia. After some controversy in the small town of Gloucester, the school board banned him from using the men’s restroom. After the American Civil Liberties Union took Grimm’s case and stated that it violates Title IX of the U.S. Education Amendments of 1972, Grimm is now taking his case to the Supreme Court. It’s set to be argued at the end of March.

Grimm asked the justices to remember, “I am just a human. I am just a boy. Please consider my rights when you make your decision.”

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