SLAY: Laverne Cox just responded to the rumors about her “nose job” in the greatest way


Laverne Cox is an intelligent artist and activist who apparently, like most women today, still has to deal with the dummies of the world speculating about her appearance. *Frown*. But she made time today to shut down the haters in the best way.

After posting the following photo to her Instagram a couple of days ago, she began noticing that people were commenting about her supposed nose job. One commenter wrote, “why she get plastic surgery tho” and another, “I can barely recognise you Laverne. Such a shame, as you were beautiful the way you were.”

The comments continued after posting another couple of selfies.

So, Laverne decided it was time to shut down the nonsense with an inspiring post. She showed her followers a before and after photo and added this caption:

“For everyone who thinks I had a nose job, the surgeon is snapchat. The first photo has #nofilter. The second has the #snapchat beauty filter. I try to love, embrace and accept myself everyday, filter or no filter, make up or no makeup, weave or no weave. Filters are fun but they are no substitute for me waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing the unfiltered me as beautiful and worthy of acceptance and love. #TransIsBeautiful

Laverne has more important things to worry about than some haters, though, anyway. She shared that today was the first day of principal photography for her new CBS series, Doubt! From IndieWire, Doubt is about “a smart, chic, successful defense lawyer at a boutique firm starts to fall for her charismatic client who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.” Laverne plays an Ivy-League educated lawyer. We can’t wait to watch it!

We love this message, Laverne. Keep it up!

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