Laverne Cox met her boyfriend on Tinder, so stay hopeful y’all

Just in case you’re getting ready to ditch all your dating apps, we now have proof that true love is possible by swiping. Laverne Cox met her boyfriend on Tinder, and everything she has to say about their relationship is so adorable that we can’t help but think that these apps might actually be worth it.

During a recent appearance on Access Hollywood, Cox opened up about her current relationship, and she and her BF sound like definite goals. Although she didn’t share his name or any personal information about him, she didn’t hold back when she talked about her love for online dating — or how well things are going for them.

And now that Cox and her boyfriend have been together for eight months, she’s singing Tinder’s praises.

“I’m a Tinder girl,” she admitted. “I feel like if you want to date, you have to be on the app.”

And though people recognize her from Glam Masters and Orange is The New Black, she hasn’t let that stop her from finding love online — she just says she’s had to get better at screening people before she meets up with them in person.

Speaking of that first meet-up? She doesn’t ever wear makeup on a first date, because she doesn’t feel like she should dress up for a guy she doesn’t know. Um, that’s an amazing approach. And apparently, it works, because she and her boyfriend are still together to this day.

In fact, she even revealed that she’s in love — and that they’ve met each other’s parents, which is serious stuff.

"I've met his parents, too," she said. "Everybody gets along. His family's amazing. My mom likes him. It's good."

Okay, a guy she met on Tinder and who has an awesome family she gets along with and who fell in love with her after she didn’t wear makeup to the first date? Sounds like a total winner to us.

We’re so happy to hear that Cox is happy — and that there’s definitely hope for those of us who are still looking for love on an app. She’s living proof that it can really happen!

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