Lavender hair is the unexpected beauty trend we can’t get enough of

Pastel hair has been a major color trend for what feels like an eternity now, with cotton candy pink usually leading the pack (though honorable mentions are in order for mint green and rose gold options, of course). But as fall rapidly approaches, a time when we inevitably feel the itch to do something new with our hair (does the question “Should I get bangs?” ring a bell?), we suggest looking to an underdog when it comes to pastel hair color—enter: lavender hair.

Favored by celebs like Ariana Grande and Maisie Williams as of late, the icy hue is a stylish option as the weather starts to cool down. And if you’re not ready to commit to a full head of lilac—we get it. Unless you currently have a head full of platinum strands, we’re talking about a lot of bleach. For a more hair-healthy approach, you can opt for lavender highlights, and even incorporate some dark purple shades for a more ombré effect.

No matter what your lavender hair of choice looks like, the trend is a way to completely switch up your look (tip: pair your new pastel lavender hair with some on-trend hair accessories to really make it pop). From your favorite A-listers to beauty influencers to the celeb hairstylists responsible for the trend, browse our picks for some of the most double tap-worthy lavender hair on Instagram.

The caption says it all, really.

This is a great example of a multi-hued way to rock the trend. Bonus: no need to touch up your roots.

We love the multi-dimensional effect at play here.

Maisie Williams’ purple bangs are what started our love affair with lavender hair, after all.

Keep your makeup neutral and let your hair do all the talking.

Be honest: how many times did you just watch this video?

If you’re up for it, you can go so pale and icy that your lavender hair almost has a gray tint to it.