This video of baby Laurie Hernandez doing a floor routine is KILLING US

We literally cannot put into words how much we want to be Laurie Hernandez. Not only is she obviously crazy talented, but she just seems to genuinely have so much fun while competing (not to mention gets so much amazing support from her friends and family).

And because we want as much Laurie as we can get, we were obviously sooo excited when a video of her performing a routine as a little girl went viral.


We’re fangirling out about this on so very many levels (even though it’s admittedly kind of hard to take the fact that Laurie was more accomplished as a small child than most of us will ever be…ever).  Just look at her signature confidence — not to mention her totally on point outfit. Oh, and is that catchy song now stuck in anyone else’s head? #LIFEGOALS

It’s not just her gymnastics that makes us love her, either. Her Instagram account is basically the cutest thing ever, proving that at the end of the day she’s still a totally normal and relatable 16-year-old girl.

And needless to say, yes — while she’s in Rio winning medals and being her usual badass self, we’re over here desperately trying to think of ways to convince her to be our best friend. Sorry not sorry.

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