Lauren Hutton Just Revealed She Didn’t Wear a Bra Until Her 50s

She'd often go commando, too!

Bras are your girlies’ best friend—unless you’re Lauren Hutton. The famed model/actress who has graced the cover of Vogue a mere 26 times, is the star of the brand CUUP’s newest intimates campaign, which may come as a shock considering the actress didn’t have a relationship with bras or underwear until she was in her 50s.

“I didn’t wear bras, and I didn’t wear underwear,” Hutton revealed to Vogue while promoting her new partnership with CUUP. As a model, she wasn’t naturally inclined to don intimates underneath her clothes either. “It left a line, and it was uncomfortable to me. I just wore a T-shirt and jeans to work anyways, so I didn’t really need them,” she said of her previous get-ready morning routine.

It wasn’t until Hutton had a spontaneous try-on with an underwire bra while in Paris that her undergarment habits changed.

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“I never wore bras until I was 50. I didn’t need them,” Hutton said. “Around 50—or maybe it was 47—I got a hold of an underwire bra, I think in Paris. And I picked one up, and I put one on, and I suddenly looked 30.”

Crazy what a pair of bra straps, cups, and a few clasps can do, right?

Designed to provide support and comfort to your two breast friends (and your lower back!), bras can also help clothes fit and feel right. Albeit, I think we can all agree nothing beats unhooking and slinging the wired contraption off your shoulders, out of your shirt, and onto the floor after a long day.

Hutton would have to agree, and 10 years later, she broke up with her bras.

“Around 60, I started taking [bras] off in the backs of cabs. I’d unsnap them, pull one shoulder out, and stuff them in my purse,” the 78-year-old recalled to Vogue. “Ever since [then], I had been looking for a decent bra and I couldn’t find one.” Then she discovered CUUP.

Made to enhance your natural shape with optimal support, CUUP bras can be described as “smooth as a silkworm,” per Hutton. She added they “[look] like the first Neutra buildings,” too.

Bra shopping is a lot like dating—sometimes you have to try on a lot of frogs to find the right one. 

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