Lauren Graham’s TV daughters meet; our brains explode, hearts melt

We knew the ATX Television Festival in Austin was going to be magical. Practically the entire cast of Gilmore Girls was together in one place, being their charming and hilarious selves at one of the most highly-anticipated reunions in TV history. We didn’t think things could get any better—until they did.

Are you sitting down? Good. Because over the weekend, Lauren Graham’s TV daughters Alexis Bledel and Mae Whitman finally met each other. And Mae’s got the Instagram pics to prove it.

On Gilmore Girls Alexis Bledel played Rory Gilmore, the daughter/BFF to Lauren Graham’s Lorelai Gilmore. And on Parenthood Mae Whitman played Amber Holt, the daughter/BFF to Lauren Graham’s Sarah Braverman.

When you think about Lauren Graham, chances are you think of either Gilmore Girls and/or Parenthood. Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman are two of her most well-known roles, and Alexis and Mae played big parts in her success. I can imagine that Lauren has very special relationships with each of them, and it’s so cool that they finally had the chance to meet! Whitman was obviously pumped to see her TV mom and TV, um, step-sister, at the Gilmore Girls panel.

Basically TV worlds from two of our favorite shows collided, and we couldn’t be happier. Oh, to be the fourth in their pseudo family. Just imagine what holidays would be like.

Images via Mae Whitman’s Instagram