Lauren Graham’s OTHER perfect show might get the revival treatment, too

We are beyond excited about seeing Lauren Graham back in action with the upcoming Gilmore Girls reboot (which, BTW, comes out on November 25 at 12:01 am because you need to know). But now we’re finding reason to have even more hope that we might be seeing even more of the hilarious and incredibly talented actress thanks to a recent conversation with Parenthood’s creator, Jason Katims.

Katims recently spoke to TV Line and gave some serious hope that we might be seeing this heartwarming show back on the air sometime in the future.

He said, “There’s nothing happening right now, but when the time is right I would love to revisit it.”

He’s apparently not just pushing the question of a revival aside and toying with our emotions. He’s actually serious about seeing how the Gilmore Girls reboot goes (spoiler alert: we’re certain it’s going to be amazing) so he can possibly apply the same concept to his show.

 “I asked someone who was working on [the Gilmore Girls revival] how they structured it and how it all worked because I was thinking that might happen [with Parenthood] down the road a few years.”

Which makes us feel like…


ICYMI, Parenthood was the NBC show that stole our hearts for five seasons between 2010 and 2015 before it went off the air. The final episode was an absolutely beautiful one filled with flash forward to see how some of the characters’ lives pan out along with tear-jerking moments of nostalgia when we realize that we won’t be seeing any more of the Braverman family antics.

But most importantly, the show also stars the perfect Lauren Graham (which would mean we get to be entertained even more by this wonderful woman and that is *so* exiting to think about).


Katims admits that because the last episode showed some moments in the characters future, it would complicate a revival since there are already some serious expectations. But, he’s still totally open to it.

 “It would start at the moment when I feel like I have a story to tell,” he said.

Let’s find that moment soon so we can call revel in yet another delightful classic reboot.