Lauren Graham’s new show was canceled before it even made it to television

Bad news alert! We were all so excited about having more Lauren Graham in our lives, but Graham’s new show Linda from HR has been canceled by FOX — before we even got a chance to see it, and that’s #devastating. We always want more Lauren!

After the Gilmore Girls revival hit Netflix at the end of 2016, we got all excited about the possibility of having Lauren Graham back in our lives on a weekly basis. When FOX ordered the pilot of Linda from HR starring our BFF and favorite TV mom Lauren Graham, we got even more excited. But now, the network has officially passed on the pilot — which is very sad news for us and all of the LG fans out there.

While there was a possibility that Linda could end up at another network, it is not being shopped around elsewhere. This TV show is officially gone, and we never even got to watch it!

Pilot season is tough, and often our favorite potential new shows don’t make the cut. Linda from HR was a half-hour comedy, which we’ve never seen Lauren lead, so it would’ve been a nice change. Especially since we all know just how funny she is. But it wasn’t in the stars this time around.

Of course, fans took to Twitter to console one another and pledge allegiance to Lauren:


So cool to see the fans come together to support Lauren and clearly we 100% agree. No matter what Lauren does next, we’ll be sure to be waiting. Make sure to check out her most recent book, Talking as Fast as I Can, and if you feel like crying, just go re-watch Parenthood, and the tears will a-flow. Hope to see you soon, Lauren!

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