Lauren Graham was initially told not to take the role of Lorelai, and the reason why is infuriating

Can you imagine anyone else playing the iconic role of Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls besides Lauren Graham? We certainly can’t — and frankly, we don’t want to. But despite the overwhelming popularity of the show (and of course the revival), Graham was originally told to turn down role. We know; we can’t imagine Stars Hollow with a different Lorelai Gilmore either!

In an interview with Variety, Lauren Graham opened up about how her reps were originally against her accepting the role in Gilmore Girls, and it was all about her age.

“At the time, everyone in my peer group saw it as sort of a ‘mom’ role predominantly, and there was all sorts of discussion,” explained Graham. “I was, what 31 or 32, and you know, it was a bad idea to play a mom to a teenager and that would it ‘age me,’ and I just never — that is not the first thing I thought of. Or the third thing! I just thought, ‘This is a great relationship and a world I wanted to spend time in.’”

Lauren Graham also said she was originally drawn to the language of the show, particularly the long speeches that would become a trademark of Gilmore Girls. It’s sad but not surprising that Graham’s people were concerned about “aging” the actress.

But we’re so glad that Lauren Graham decided to ignore the naysayers and go with her instincts. Can you imagine if she’d walked away from such an amazing role over something as silly as age? As if we needed more proof that age is nothing but a number!