Lauren Graham posted the sweetest message about Alexis Bledel’s Emmy win

There’s a lot of great TV to watch at the moment, but The Handmaid’s Tale is really not to be missed. Although the subject matter is heavy, it’s relevant, intriguing, and brilliantly acted.

And speaking of brilliant acting, Lauren Graham just posted about Alexis Bledel’s first Emmy win. And our hearts are so full right now. As you know, Graham played Bledel’s mom in Gilmore Girls, so the two have an extra special history. The Creative Arts Emmys were this past Sunday (though they won’t air on TV until this coming weekend), and we felt like proud parents after hearing about Bledel’s win. The recognition is so utterly deserved, and definitely a reason to tune into the show if you haven’t already.

Here’s Graham’s tweet after the winners were announced.

And, full disclosure, this is making us majorly nostalgic for the good old days of Rory and Lorelei. Can’t help it…their mother/daughter chemistry was just the best.

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Another of Bledel’s Gilmore Girls costars, Keiko Agena, also tweeted a congratulatory message.

The Gilmore Girls support kept on coming. Yanic Truesdale got into it, too.

But back to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Seriously, Bledel’s role is so intense and unlike anything we’ve seen her do before. We can’t imagine how challenging it must be for her to interpret that difficult world, but she completely disappeared into the character.

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Emmy nominations also went to Ann Dowd, Elizabeth Moss, and Samira Wiley. Behind the scenes, the show earned nominations and wins for writing, directing, production design, and cinematography.

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Now that we’ve made a strong case for The Handmaid’s Tale, it won’t hurt to binge on a few Gilmore Girls episodes…right? It’s best to listen to TV urges.

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