Lauren Graham Reveals Her Fave ’90s Trends—and What She *Never* Wants to See Again

The 'Mighty Ducks: Game Changers' star also has some thoughts on a 'Gilmore Girls' reboot.

Lauren Graham loves a reboot—as long as it’s right. The actor’s latest role, Disney+’s The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, finds her in a reboot of sorts, as the series takes the iconic ’90s franchise and brings it into the modern day in a way that Graham, and fans, can appreciate.

“[This show] is back to the roots of the kindness and what those movies were,” she shares with HelloGiggles. As a fan of the original franchise, Graham says she feels the latest continuation of the story properly pays tribute to what started back in the ’90s. “It brings us into this day and age of what the Ducks have become,” she says of the new series. “We have to go back to the origin story, which was a group who similarly were not the cool kids, were not the obvious choices to build a team, and who didn’t fit in.”

The new 10-episode show finds single mom Alex (Graham) feeling beaten down at work and a bit defeated when her son is cut from the Ducks hockey team. But rather than sit back and take it, she encourages him to start a new team, because Alex believes that everyone should get the chance to play.

Graham worked with numerous kids on set—not to mention original Mighty Ducks star Emilio Estevez as famed Coach Gordon Bombay—and she recalls how excited they were to be a part of a revival of one of the most popular sports films ever. “The new Mighty Ducks kids were like, ‘Hey, maybe someday we’ll be the Mighty Ducks and there’ll be a whole new group of Mighty Ducks,” she says. But while she was happy about the kids’ excitement for this particular revival, Graham added that there’s one project from her past that she hopes neve* gets a revival.

“I was like, ‘I hope there aren’t new Gilmore Girls,'” she says regarding the possibility of the iconic TV show ever having a new generation of stars. “I hate to say that, but I was like, ‘Oh God. I mean, what if there was a reboot of the reboot of the reboot?’ That gives me fear.”

Graham adds that while she does enjoy a good reboot or revival, there has to be a purpose behind it other than nostalgia. It’s for that reason that she thinks The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers makes sense, in that it’s modernizing the underdog story. And that’s why she also hopes a certain ’80s classic never comes back. “There’s some movies that it would be a bad idea. So in the Emilio Estevez theme, I would say please don’t remake Breakfast Club.”

We couldn’t help but wonder if Graham loves The Mighty Ducks and considers the original films to be one of her favorite memories from the ’90s, if there’s anything from the decade that she hopes stays there…

“Here’s what I don’t understand,” she starts with a laugh. “We worked so hard in the ’90s to make fluffy, stiff high-waisted jeans look attractive and we failed. When stretch came to town, I was like, ‘Oh, thank goodness.’ Now all my young girlfriends are in the ’90s mom jeans, and they look fantastic and they’re pulling it off, but I don’t understand the return. I’m like, ‘We fought for Lycra. Why would you turn your back on what we gave you?'”

Say it louder for the people in the back! We’ve definitely railed against some of these questionable denim trends coming back, so we’re happy to hear Graham is on our side. We’ll totally join her in wearing denim that stretches and provides max comfort—no matter what anyone says.

Catch Graham in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, which premieres on Disney+ on March 26th.