Lauren Graham has written break-up texts for Mae Whitman, because she is a true friend

Stop for a second and imagine a perfect world where you are best friends with Lauren Graham. Doesn’t that sound like the DREAM? There are very few people lucky enough to actually call Lauren their BFF, but one of them is her other on-screen daughter, Mae Whitman. The two of them grew incredibly close while filming Parenthood, and have continued to stay just as close in the years since. And just how close is close for Lauren and Mae?

Close for them is: Lauren has broken up with people on Mae’s behalf before. Broken up with them on Mae’s behalf over text. If that’s not close, we’re not sure what is.

In an new interview in the Los Angeles Times, a few of Lauren’s nearest and dearest come out to sing her praise for not only acting (you know, Gilmore Girls) but also her writing. Lauren has a brand new book out, Talking As Fast As I Can, and as Mae describes it, Lauren comes off as, “like the Jim Henson of the writing world.”

“I think the most amazing thing to me about her writing is that she’s able to be so inclusive and present and so genuinely funny without ever being mean or cutting anyone down,” Mae continues, before she launches into the best tidbit about these two we’ve ever heard:

“I mean, I’ve had her write break-up texts for me for God’s sake! Side note: I do not necessarily condone or recommend breaking up with anyone over a text; but if you’ve got to do it, get yourself a Lauren Graham.”

LISTEN. If only we COULD get ourselves our own Lauren Graham to scribe our break-up texts (not that we’re breaking-up over text, promise). Though we’ll probably never know, we desperately need to know what was on the receiving end of Lauren’s break-up texts, and if they were funny and thoughtful, and made you feel like you were receiving a warm hug. I mean, come on, probably.