If you haven’t gotten something for Mother’s Day yet, just give mom these pictures of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman

Mother’s Day is creeping up faster than we can handle it. We love our mothers and try to show as much affection as loving (but sometimes difficult) daughters can, but sometimes we drop the ball. It happens to the best of us. Mothers can be notoriously difficult to shop for — they either want something super specific that you just can’t get you hands on or are simply too vague.

If you haven’t gotten your mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift yet, don’t worry — we have the perfect gift for you. These photos of Parenthood stars Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman from the recent Netflix FYSee Emmy event celebrating the best shows on the streaming platform.

They’re the mother-daughter duo we all look up to in life:



Look at how much fun they have together:



If you’re thinking, “Umm, my mom is worth more than these photos, but thanks anyways,” I have some news for you.  If you’re looking for the best mother-daughter duos on television, look no further than Lauren Graham.

As Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, Graham is compelling as both a mother and a daughter, as her relationships with daughter Rory and mother Emily are explored. In Parenthood, Graham’s character Sarah Braverman is also an amazing mother to Amber and Drew. Her relationship with Amber (Whitman) was one of the most compelling on the show and deserved ALL the awards. Graham also has the best real-life relationships with her TV-children. If you don’t believe me, scroll up. So let’s face it, Mother’s Day is also a celebration of Lauren Graham and all the amazing mothers she plays on television.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our favorite moms on TV and all the ones who are killing it every day IRL.