Lauren Graham believes that the ~last four words~ of “Gilmore Girls” are a cliffhanger, and we’re into that

Lauren Graham’s brand new book, Talking As Fast As I Can is now out, and that means you’ve got another Lauren Graham thing to binge right now. If you’re already desperately missing Gilmore Girls, this is the perfect fix to fill the giant Stars Hollow void in your heart. It also provides us with a ton of behind-the-scenes information about the revival (since Lauren was clearly writing it before the revival, and then during, and lastly, after), and out of all the juicy tidbits she drops, one stands out beyond the rest: Lauren believes the last four words of Gilmore Girls are not the final four words.

Because they’ll eventually be more Gilmore Girls, obviously.

Before Lauren can get to her cliffhanger theories, she confesses that she actually spent a lot of the last nine years not even realizing that the last four words were even a ~thing~ (Lauren, come on).

“I don’t know how it’s possible that I missed this information,” she writes in her book. “Amy [Sherman-Palladino] and I just never talked about it for some reason, and [I don’t] know my way ’round the old [Internet] too well, and somehow the whole hoopla missed me entirely, probably in no small part due to my insistence on using archaic words like ‘hoopla.’”


Okay, moving on. As for her initial reaction to learning the final four words, it was “something like ‘huh’ and after that, it goes something like ‘Really?’”

After the shock of the final four words finally wore off for Lauren, she got around to asking Amy follow up questions about them. Namely, that she didn’t feel that they were totally final, “as in they do not end the story we are telling as much as they introduce something that was not previously known.”

Lauren, being Lauren, came right out and asked Amy about them, by bluntly questioning, “Isn’t this more of a cliffhanger?”

According to Lauren, Amy never answered her, but just smiles.

Well, a smile is not a frown, and a frown would mean that Gilmore Girls is over forever and we’re never getting more episodes, ever. But a smile, on the other hand, means that there’s HOPE. RIGHT?