Lauren Graham was “surprised” at the final four words of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”

Finally, after all these years, we’re going to learn the ~last four words~ of Gilmore Girls.

These last four words are a HOT TOPIC in Stars Hollow. As the story goes, Gilmore Girls showrunner, Amy Sherman-Palladino, had a perfect exchange planned to close out the series, but she left at the end of Season 6, while the show continued on to Season 7.  She took these words with her, and though it’s come up a lot of times before, she’s never told a soul exactly what these four words are.

That’s all about to change with the Netflix revival, A Year in the Life. We’ll finally hear these last four words, and Sherman-Palladino is begging us not to fast-forward to the end of the last episode, “Fall.” These four words will be worth the wait. And according to Lauren Graham, they’re not what she was expecting.

Talking to TVLine, Graham admitted that she “was surprised,” with the reveal of the final four words.

“I thought they would be, like, ‘Goodbye, Stars Hollow.’”

Lauren, that’s only three words. Come on.

While she’s not offering up any hints as to what they’ll actually be, she is willing to rule out a few final four words possibilities. So she can confirm, with 100% Gilmore Girls certainty, they are not:

“‘I’m actually a vampire.’ End. Scene.”

It might be LOL-worthy now, but we’re still dying to know exactly what they’ll be. And at least now we know, Lorelai is not a vampire, so cross that one off your Gilmore Girls theories board.

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