Here’s a short list of 9 times Lauren Graham cried while filming “Gilmore Girls”

It’s safe to assume that you cried watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix over the last weekend. Maybe you even cried three or four times, or three or four times during each episode. That’s perfectly fine, as we had been holding in many of our Gilmore tears for the last nine years. But do you know who cried the most during Gilmore Girls? Lauren Graham.

Lauren’s brand new book, Talking As Fast As I Can, is out today, and it provides some ? Gilmore Girls information. The book is filled with little tidbits from shooting the revival, and also a detailed list of all the times Lauren cried — or, more of bawled — while filming the revival.

“I was very, very emotional the whole time [we were filming],” Lauren writes in her book. “I don’t usually cry easily, but throughout the days and months of filming, I welled up a lot.”

While you should most certainly run out to your nearest bookseller (or, get on the internet and find one), here’s just a short list of all the times Lauren found herself tearing up while filming Gilmore Girls:

1. The first time she and Alexis Bledel did a scene together in Lorelai’s house.

2. The first time she returned to the Gilmore mansion, and Kelly Bishop spoke aloud to Ed — wherever he is now.

3. During a run through with Chris Eigman, who plays Jason (As Lauren writes: “My normal state of happy-to-see-someone does not usually involve tears, but on this show tissues were being handed to me a lot”).

4. During the scene when Lorelai is talking to her new Wild friends, and she has to say “My name is Lorelai Gilmore, and I’m from a little town in Connecticut.”

5. The first time she read the script for “Fall” (“I cried from start to finish”).

6. When a light went out while Lauren and Kelly were filming a scene together, and Kelly jokingly said, “Thanks Ed.”

7. During every single take of Sutton Foster’s song for Lorelai (those tears in the episode of “Summer” are real).

8. When Carole King did an impromptu concert during filming, and played the song that the the Year in the Life episode titles are named after…Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

9. Filming Luke and Lorelai’s wedding, which was the last scene filmed, because OF COURSE.