Lauren Graham almost got a really bad tattoo, but Alexis Bledel stopped her — which is SO Rory and Lorelai

Only slightly less anticipated than Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was Lauren Graham’s book about Gilmore Girls, Talking as Fast as I Can. According to the publisher, Lauren’s book is a series of personal essays about “life, love, and working as a woman in Hollywood — along with behind-the-scenes dispatches from the set of the new Gilmore Girls.” Obviously we’re super excited to get an inside look at Lauren’s life, but we’re maaaaybe more excited to get some tidbits about one of our favorite shows of all times.

Talking as Fast as I Can offers many insights into life as a Gilmore girl, but one of our favorites was definitely finding out that Alexis Bledel talked Lauren Graham out of getting a tattoo.

We love this foremost because we always like to imagine our favorite actors and actresses are best friends offscreen too — but also because, like, this is SO Rory and Lorelai? Check out the quote from her book, it’s going to blow your mind how in character it is.

"I was prattling on to Alexis about the possibility of getting a tattoo and the exciting potential of designing in myself, because, I explained, that’s where the real fun was, the real artistry."

Is that not SO Lorelai? Obviously instead of getting a professional to design her tattoo, Lorelai would try and do it on her own and end up getting something like a coffee bean or a badly drawn snowflake.

"After I went on and on about my fantasy post-tattoo life for a while, Alexis smiled and gently said, ‘So, what would you get? A shamrock?'"

"After my embarrassment faded, I realized I didn’t want a tattoo anymore. Why? Because through her (more mature) eyes I suddenly saw the inherent futility of it.

We LOVE that Alexis and Lauren have a similar relationship to their characters. It warms the cockles of our hearts. Now, BRB, we have to read this whole book.