Lauren Graham admitted what we ALL thought about Season 7 of “Gilmore Girls”

Season 7 of Gilmore Girls has always been the most controversial season of the long-running series. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, producer Dan Palladino, famously left the series after the sixth season of the show after a contract dispute with the network.

When the final season of the show aired fans and critics alike were perplexed by how the beloved series had taken a turn for the worse. From storylines that didn’t make sense to the obvious tone change, it was almost a blessing when the series was cancelled  without ASP.

With the release of the Netflix revival, it’s been revealed that the cast of Gilmore Girls weren’t fans of the show’s final season either.


Star Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) revealed in her new book Talking as Fast as I Can that the show without ASP just didn’t feel right.

She wrote, “Our new show runners were talented writers who knew the show well. But just like when David Lee Roth was replaced as the lead singer of Van Halen, no matter how hard we tried singing the same songs, they just didn’t sound quite the same.


Graham previously told Entertainment Weekly that she forgot about certain storylines from the final season. She opens up about forgetting the storyline in her book.

“She wrote, Christopher and Lorelai get married in Paris. Okay. I have to admit, this seemed so odd to me back then (especially after all that time apart; I just don’t think Lorelai would get married without Rory present) that I somehow managed to completely forget it ever happened. 

Graham also opened up about the show’s cancellation in her book and revealed that most of the cast wasn’t even informed about it. She wrote, “That day, I was told that I was the first to know [the show was over], and was asked to wait before reaching out to anyone. I assumed this meant everyone would be getting a call, and given the size of the cast, they needed time to do that. But I found out much later that Alexis and I were the only cast members who were officially informed, and others found out in far less conventional ways. Ed Herrmann learned the show was canceled from the clerk at his video store in Connecticut, for example. If I had it to do over again, I’d have called everyone myself, and thrown a party too.”

We loved the first six seasons of Gilmore Girls, and while the final season didn’t do the show justice, we’re glad the Netflix revival was able to end it properly.

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