Lauren Conrad’s job interview outfit advice is straight out of the Kate Middleton playbook

Once upon a time before her career as a tastemaker, The Hills, or Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad was just a regular high school kid with a regular high school kid life. And like the rest of us, Lauren Conrad went on job interviews.

But when you’re in high school, interviewing for that first job or internship can be totally terrifying. Between remembering what to say and trying not to be a nervous wreck, picking out an outfit is not another worry you need. Which is exactly why we ~love~ LC’s advice on the proper footwear for any interview.

“When I was finishing high school and was going on job interviews, most of which were not filmed, I always wanted to look very ‘professional,’ and for some reason, in my mind that meant wearing flats,” Lauren told Refinery29.


"My interview outfits always included flats: I went to BCBG and bought a nude pair of flats. I wore them with different outfits, all of which weren't amazing…Nude flats with a peep-toe just read 'professional career woman' to me, for some reason."


Nude flats! They’re understated, chic, and won’t give you the blisters a pair of heels might. Basically, they’re a genius choice. (And the ones above from LC’s Kohl’s line are a genius price at only $35).

And if that doesn’t convince you that nude flats are the way to go for a more polished and professional look, let us just remind you that they’re a longtime favorite of one of our ultimate style icons, Kate Middleton.


While she often resorts to her go-to Stuart Weitzman nude wedges (which are essentially just as comfy as flats with that added cork support), Kate’s been known to sport a nude flat when she’s out and about in the public eye.

Hmmm… we’d never thought about it before, but it makes sense that LC and the Duchess would share sartorial instincts. They are two class-act fashionistas, after all!

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