Lauren Conrad’s hilarious Insta vid is all of us celebrating the weekend

Oh, LC. From inspiring our very favorite crying meme to giving us MAJOR hair inspo for the last decade, Lauren Conrad is someone we just can’t stop loving. And why would we want to? She’s so, so sweet, and her life is like something out of a movie in the *best* way. We also just found out that she has an AMAZING sense of humor, and, OMG. Just wait for it.

In celebration of the weekend (TG!), Lauren Conrad posted a hilarious video on Instagram.

Yes, that is none other than Conrad dancing around in what appears to be a bear costume. And yep, that’s her again, shaking her little cotton tail. We are dying over here! Clearly, LC is *so* us.

She captioned the stellar video,

"Current mood: It's Friday and I just cleared my inbox 🍾 📽: @lastyoni 🎶: @williamtell2nd 🐻: 🙋🏼"

Basically solidifying her place in our hearts forevermore.

And we get why she loves Fridays, because her weekends look *amazing!*

Like this Valentine’s Day shot.

And trips to hang out with ELEPHANTS.

And to take beautiful shots in flower fields.

Not to mention traveling all over.

Ugh, what a dream.