Lauren Conrad talks to us about her new handbag and jewelry collection, and the iconic show that inspired her own style

I know I’m not the only who feels this way, but The Hills changed everything for me. From my overly bronzed cheekbones to my long sideswept bangs, Lauren Conrad was my beauty and fashion inspiration in the early-aughts. But who am I kidding, even to this day I can’t stop wearing oversized dresses, boho-styled sandals, and off-the-shoulder tops because if LC is wearing it, then I’m wearing it.

With Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s collection, it’s simple to look like the Laguna Beach-born star all year round, and now that she’s launched a new special occasion dress-up shop, jewelry line, and handbag collection, it’s even easier to look like a California babe.

And yes, you read that correctly, LC has indeed added jewelry and purses to her Kohl’s line, making it the go-to place to shop all things fun, frilly, and fashionable. Plus, if you’re really trying to channel the MTV star, you can actually shop an engagement ring similar to Lauren’s. Dreams do come true, y’all!

We spoke to Lauren about her perfect date night outfit, the iconic TV show that inspired her makeup and fashion looks, and the one area she’d love to tap into for future collections at Kohl’s.

Hello Giggles: What inspired your three new collections?

Lauren Conrad: For the dress-up shop, it’s all based on special occasion dressing, so whether it’s a wedding or a shower or a birthday party, we wanted to create really special pieces to be worn on those occasions. The fine jewelry is very exciting! It’s a collection I’ve been working on for a while and there are very classic, timeless pieces, and they are definitely vintage-inspired. There is a mixture of silver and rose gold in there and then we threw in a little bit of color with green and purple amethyst. We had a lot of fun with that!

Lastly, we launched handbags, which I’m really excited about! It’s sort of a collection that’s very minimalist, but again like a little bit of a vintage inspiration. We brought in a lot of the softer colors that are, as you can see throughout the collection in a variety of shapes and sizes for every occasion.

HG: What pieces from your new collection would you string together for the perfect date night outfit?

LC: Is there a specific date night? Because my date nights are usually casual.

HG: How about a special date night where you’re celebrating an anniversary and how about a date night that’s “just because it’s a Friday.”

LC: Yeah, like if we’re celebrating an anniversary or something, and you know we’re going to a nicer restaurant, then I would say I really love the skirt we did. It’s a pleated metallic skirt. It’s pretty subtle but I really love that with a little silky top and a strappy heel. I would say that’s probably one of my go-tos for a more dressed-up evening!

For a more casual date night, looking at one of the tops, maybe an off-the-shoulder. We did some of those little silky off-the-shoulder tops from solid to print. Maybe that with high-waisted denim and flats.

HG: With nostalgic pieces being a huge part of pop culture right now, what trends from the past would you love to bring into future collections?

LC: We’re definitely incorporating ’90s-inspired pieces right now because that is a significant trend. We’re not taking in all the trends because we do have a more feminine brand and the ’90s are a little more edgy. We’re kind of picking trends that make sense within the line, but I’m constantly looking back whether it’s through old photographs or movies, and kind of pulling different silhouettes and prints. A lot of our prints are vintage-inspired, so I love looking back in time for inspiration.


HG: Speaking of looking at old movies or vintage photos, your makeup looks from The Hills inspired most of my beauty looks, what movies or shows have inspired yours?

LC: If I had to pick one, it’s probably Sex and the City. I mean, still to this day, who doesn’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw? But just looking at her hair and makeup, and like how she would style items, I was always so inspired.

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HG: What fashion trends do you see happening in 2017, and how does your collection fall into that?

LC: So I’m seeing the trends that we’re focusing in on is print. There’s a lot of different variations — whether it’s that more ’70s take that we typically see on knits or just the fine little pinstripes that read a little bit more nautical. But a lot of different stripes in there.

As far as silhouettes, a lot of sleeve and shoulder details are in. Last year it was all about the bell sleeve and now it’s getting a little more intricate. Now, there’s several bells, like the tiered sleeve, or the cold shoulder, or one-side. There’s a lot of asymmetrical details happening, too. It sounds so silly, but what else can we do with a sleeve? What hasn’t been done yet, or how can we reinvent this? Which is fun, but you know you also get some crazy examples that come out.


HG: If there’s one area you’d love to tap into that you haven’t yet, what would it be?

LC: Well I’ve done a little bit with home. We have bedding and some bath accessories, but I would love to expand there. I have so much fun decorating my own house, so I would love to get more into home and decor.

HG: What beauty products have you recently recommended to your friends?

LC: I just got a highlighter palette from Sephora, I believe it was actually Sephora’s brand. It’s six different shades, and one is gold, one’s a white, one’s a pink, and it’s really soft. I’ve gotten really into highlighters lately, but I think it’s just because I’ve just been tired, so I put it all over my face.

HG: It has been so rainy in LA lately that I’ve also been trying to incorporate some bronzer and highlight to my cheeks.

LC: Smart! Trying to bring some sunshine, but instead, we’re just reflecting it off our faces!

You can shop Lauren’s three latest collections at Kohl’s right now. The best part? Everything in the dress-up shop ranges from $40 to $100, so you won’t break the bank when you have a fancy event to attend! The handbag line runs from $39 to $89, while the jewelry collection ranges from $340 to $2,525.

Hey, it’s hump day, so why not treat yourself to a girl’s night out ensemble or a handbag that easily transitions from day to night?

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