Lauren Cohan from “The Walking Dead” gave Stephen Colbert a few hilarious tips for dealing with zombie crushes

Zombies can be confusing — and for a human to fall for one, even more so. Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert admitted a zombie “crush” to Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead, and she offered a few helpful tips on how to navigate through the confusing feelings.

Colbert admits that while he’s been hanging around one particular zombie for awhile, the zombie still hasn’t shown any interest in eating his flesh. Based on the stereotypes on zombies, we know that they’re typically not too choosy when it comes to meal time. So, it makes sense for Colbert to feel a little bit slighted and confused.

Cohan, otherwise known as Maggie Greene, offered up some solid advice:

“There are plenty more zombies in the sea,” she advised. Again — she’d know. Colbert’s response is pretty spectacular — “they’re in the sea, too?”

Of course, Colbert thinks it’s all his fault. Maybe his brain just isn’t juicy enough. We suspect that in Colbert’s eyes, a zombie would know about brain tenderness simply through meaningful conversation.

We truly hope that Colbert finds his special zombie someday, and that — just like in his dream — Cohan is right there when it happens, both for the emotional support and for protection.