Laura Prepon opened up about the risky way she dealt with body scrutiny

We’ve always loved Laura Prepon, but after hearing her open up about her struggles with body image, we now love her even more.

While promoting her new healthy living book The Stash Plan on E! News, Prepon talked about how she sympathizes with women who feel pressured to change their bodies. “I injected myself with hormones and all these crazy things because I was so desperate to look a certain way,” the Orange Is the New Black actress states, adding, “That ultimately just ended up backfiring.”

Because of this difficult time in her life, Prepon explains that she understands young actresses who are “torturing themselves with crash diets.” To those women and all other women out there grappling with body scrutiny, Laura has this to say: “Not to sound cliché, but truly embrace who you are. Embrace every curve, and embrace everything about yourself.”

Prepon also pointed out that shows like Orange Is the New Black are changing the game by celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. “When you look at a show like Orange, all these women are so gorgeous, and we all look so vastly different,” says the actress.

Things get even more meaningful when Laura talks about the best and worst advice she’s ever been given when it comes to body image. The worst: “No pain, no gain.” Prepon adds that when she followed this advice, the results were “horrific.”

As for the best advice, Laura instantly asserts, “Listen to your body.” (We couldn’t agree more).

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