This mommy blogger gave the ultimate clapback to a random personal trainer who told her to eat less KFC

Laura Mazza, a pregnant mommy blogger, was minding her own business eating KFC when a male personal trainer (also eating KFC) body shamed her for it. Mazza didn’t strike up a conversation with him or ask for his services as a trainer, and yet he felt the need to tell her that she should eat less KFC and hire him to help her “stop her from jiggljng when she walks.” First of all, uhm what???

Mazza detailed the whole ordeal on her Facebook where she wrote a biting retelling of the incident from the POV of the trainer, detailing his conversation with his friend about all the “sluts [they] have boned” and the eye roll from Mazza that inspired the trainer to criticize her.

The personal trainer reportedly asked her, “Excuse me, do you know how bad kfc is for you? THAT much KFC?” He then told her how he “could stop her from jiggljng when she walks,” help her “get fit and hot for summer to find a man.” He also reportedly suggested that anyone would prefer to be “fit and hot” instead of “looking pregnant and chubby and single.”

We’re at a loss as to how you come back from a verbal onslaught like that when all you were trying to do is eat some fried chicken, but Mazza was ten steps ahead.

After he mansplained fitness to her, Mazza delivered the clapback to end all clapbacks.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear anything you said because all I could think about was how much food you have stuck in your teeth while you were talking,” Mazzo told him. She then pulled a toothpick out of her bag, handed it to him and said, “use this and start again.”

Bless this hero woman.

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