Laura Harrier on what it was like keeping *that* “Spider-Man: Homecoming” twist a secret

If you haven’t seen the incredible film that is Spider-Man: Homecoming yet, you might want to turn around because there are some *serious* spoilers ahead.

For the majority of Spider-Man: Homecoming, our titular teen superhero, Peter Parker, tries to prove that he’s ready to become an Avenger by fighting the film’s Big Bad, Vulture (Michael Keaton). Meanwhile, since he’s still a 15-year-old, Peter has to attend High School (shocking, right?) alongside his BFF Ned (Jacob Batalon) and his Academic Decathlon team, including IDGAF queen Michelle (Zendaya), and snarky Flash (Tony Revolori).

And, since this is high school, Peter has a crush on one of his Decathlon teammates, Liz Allan  a senior and the captain of the team, played by Laura Harrier. Everything, very surprisingly, works out in Peter’s favor, and he actually snags a date with Liz to the homecoming dance…only to find out that Liz’s father (!!!) is the Vulture.


We spoke to Harrier about her role in Spider-Man (which just happens to be her first major film role, NBD), and how hard it was to keep the secret that Michael Keaton was playing her dad.

"It was hard to not tell my friends," Harrier explained. "I maybe told a couple, but really, it was very few 'cause it's a huge [spoiler]. I don't wanna ruin it. It  was amazing working with Michael Keaton, he's just so obviously incredibly talented and also a really nice guy. Being on set with him was awesome, I feel like I learned a lot."

Keeping the secret may have been hard but she stuck with it, telling us that she never succumbed to the pressure to give false leads, opting to keep it tight-lipped. “I just said, ‘I can’t tell you. I’m really sorry. I will get sued by Marvel [so] I can’t tell you.’”

While Harrier couldn’t spill the beans about how her and Keaton’s characters were related in the film, she revealed that what she learned from the legendary actor wasn’t based on any direct advice the Batman Returns actor gave her, but how he carried himself on set.

"I think it's more the advice he gave was more how he holds himself," she said. "I was trying to observe that and watch him on set. He's early, and he says hello to everyone, and he's so kind and he really analyzes the script and asks a lot of questions. [He] was always super respectful to Jon [Watts] the director and having a back and forth with him, just a collaboration. I learned a lot and got the most advice from just observing him."

Not gonna lie, we’re super impressed Laura could keep a secret like that. We thought Laura was *fantastic* as Liz and hope Homecoming isn’t the last we see of Liz Allan.

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