Laura Dern wore a Laura Dern T-shirt, like the meme dream that she is

Is there really anything Laura Dern can’t do? She’s won multiple Golden Globes, starred in hugely iconic films, knocked our socks off in Big Little Lies,annnnnd is set to appear in the new Star Wars. But right now, what we REALLY want to talk about is that fact that Dern is completey crushing it at the meme game.

And the best part? She totally knows what she’s doing.

Let’s back up for a second. Laura Dern first achieved Meme Queen status for her incredibly expressive performances, particularly in the David Lynch film Blue Velvet.

There’s this moment:

Seriously, she’s so expressive.

And this one:


Annnnnnd this gem:

The most emotional.

Here’s one more for good measure.


So, Dern is a rockstar, but you all knew that.

What you might not know is that up until recently, she didn’t realize that the internet had been using her facial expressions for their own amusement. But now, she’s fully aware.

And when she did find out, she was pretty confused by the whole thing. Though the odds seem good that she was joking…

Thennnnn, she totally owned it. As in, she wore a shirt with her own glorious, crying face on it.

This pic begs so many questions. 1) Could we love her ANY MORE? 2) Where can we buy this shirt? 3) Can other meme-tastic celebrities please get on board with this whole T-shirt movement?

LOOKING AT YOU, VAN DER BEEK. C’mon, give the people what they want. We’re patiently waiting…