Tina Fey cracks up playing LaTina Fey. Thanks Billy Eichner.

Tina Fey is always cracking us up. She’s also crazy good at keeping a straight face while she’s busy being hilarious. But somehow, seeing doubled-over-with-laughter-Tina is even better than normal Tina — a feat that we didn’t previously believe possible. But now, thanks to the hilarious Billy Eichner, we are cracking up over Tina cracking up. Or, should we say, LaTina.

OK, let’s back up. Parks and Rec fans know Billy Eichner as the constantly yelling, hysterical Craig Middlebrooks. Fans of Billy know that’s kind of how Billy is IRL, and we’re entirely obsessed with him and his show, Billy on the Street. Billy’s most recent ep. features the amazing Tina, and even SHE isn’t immune to the hilarity of Billy’s constant! Yelling! Of! Everything!

For the season four premiere, Billy had Tina play a game called “Latina Fey,” where she was required to name as many Latino performers as she could. If she could name 20 in one minute, she would win an “Oscar” as well as a fancy prize. Unfortunately, Tina could only name 19, and she missed out on the grand prize: Brokeback Mountain pot holders. So, you know, classic Billy on the Street sort of shenanigans.

“Tina Fey finally failed at something! She is on the ground, there she is! Tina Fey couldn’t think of 20 Latinos,” Billy yelled as Tina lay on the ground laughing. “There’s your feminist right there: On the street!”

It’s OK, Tina — pressure can make us forget the important things, especially when someone is shouting in our face. But luckily it didn’t seem like she took it too hard, because she responded by grabbing the trophy and running out of dodge, with Billy screaming after her. LOL.

Check out the entire video below and be prepared to totally crack up at all the ridiculousness.

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