Latina beauty vlogger Solange Nicole tells us how being in pageants kick-started her YouTube career

It’s not surprising that YouTube makeup gurus are taking over the internet with their charming personalities and informative tutorials. Beauty vlogger Solange Nicole immediately caught our eye with her relatable content, and we watched video after video (with popcorn and wine in hand).

The social media influencer is actually one of the few who remains transparent with her followers, especially when it comes to sharing her beauty journey. Whether she’s waxing her legs for the first time, showcasing her medical procedures, or giving honest reviews of makeup and skin care products, she always keeps it real.

Solange now has over 150,000 YouTube subscribers and she’s taking the beauty world by storm.

From starting out in the pageant world (and winning two titles), the Latina vlogger found herself really wanting to experiment with makeup — like learning how to contour Kim Kardashian-style when the trend was at its peak. So, she did what any other YouTuber would do, she started doing her makeup and recorded it.

We spoke with Solange about all things beauty — how applying makeup with a balloon was the weirdest trend she’s tried and how pageants kick-started her YouTube career.

HelloGiggles: How did you first get started in makeup?

Solange Nicole: I got started because I began doing beauty pageants when I was around 14. I actually won Miss Hollywood and Miss Los Angeles County, but I was aging out of the beauty pageant world. I still wanted to do makeup and all these really cool things that have to do with the beauty world, so I started doing my own makeup and recording it.

HG: Speaking of pageants, how is pageant makeup different from your everyday makeup or the tutorials that you share on YouTube?

Solange: Pageant makeup is very generic. There’s not a lot of contour, there’s a lot of smoky eyes, and it’s basic makeup, to be honest, especially compared to what I wanted to try all the time. It was when contour became this really big deal, and I wanted to experiment with different lashes, different colors, and glitter lips and stuff that I didn’t get to do in pageants.

HG: That’s awesome! I used to be in pageants, too. I feel like being part of this world where you get dolled up all the time, it almost kick-started me to get into fashion and beauty. Was that the same for you?

Solange: Yeah, I think that if I wouldn’t have done pageants, I would have never gotten into the beauty world because I would have never known how exciting it was to get my makeup done and to look completely different after.

HG: What was your first makeup splurge?

Solange: I went into the Too Faced section at Sephora, and because I’m obsessed with packaging, I bought different things that had to do with Too Faced. I loved how everything smelled really good, and the packaging was so beautiful and perfect.

HG: What has been your go-to makeup product that you’ve been using forever?

Solange: I’d have to say Gerard Cosmetics’ lipsticks. I don’t know if you have the same problem, but I always have different lipsticks in my purse, and most of the time they are Gerard Cosmetics. They’re actually the very first brand to ever reach out to me when I started YouTube, so it’s always kind of been my go-to.

HG: I love that. What is it like buying your first makeup product from Too Faced and then having these beauty brands reach out to you because they want to work with you?

Solange: It’s honestly a dream come true. I don’t think it ever becomes anything I’m used to. It was a really big deal to me — because it was the very first brand that I bought — when I was reached out by Too Faced and started receiving PR from them. It’s like, wow I can try and test them out and not have to spend all of this money to review it for YouTube.

HG: What is your favorite skin care product to pick up at the drugstore?

Solange: Any type of sheet masks. I love the sheet masks Garnier just came out with.

HG: That’s so trendy right now, all of those sheet masks.

Solange: They’re just so easy to use. I used to love the charcoal mask and all that stuff, but they’re so messy. I think it’s really cool to be able to pop on a sheet mask and take it right off. When I travel, I always have a sheet mask with me, too. They’re a staple.

HG: I’ve seen your YouTube channel and you are definitely not afraid to try the craziest thing out there. What has been the weirdest trend you’ve tried?

Solange: It was probably trying to do my makeup with a balloon. It was a complete fail. So, I blew up a balloon because that’s when silicone sponges were a thing. I was like, let’s try different textures to blend with. It was not really for a foundation, of course, but it was probably the craziest thing I’ve tried.

HG: Who are your favorite beauty and style icons?

Solange: It’s between J.Lo and Kim Kardashian. I really love J.Lo because she’s Latina. She has that sexy bite to her that is a little bit different at the same time. She’s very minimal with her makeup, but she still looks gorgeous.

HG: I 100% agree with you. I am always trying to get the J.Lo glow, just ask anyone in my office.

Solange: I know, definitely! She’s very sophisticated in her style as well, which is pretty cool.

HG: What is the last beauty product that you purchased?

Solange: Lashes. I always run out of lashes.

HG: This one’s a fun one. What was the last thing that you Googled?

Solange: You’re gonna laugh, but I don’t know if you heard about Frank Body. They came out with this glitter scrub, and I was really into figuring out how the heck you can use a glitter scrub and how the glitter won’t stay on you. So, I was Googling how to create this because I wanted to DIY it. That’s the last thing I Googled: How to add glitter into your scrub, like the proper glitter to use.

You would think that if you scrub with glitter, you’re going to be left with glitter everywhere. But it’s actually a mineral that they use that kind of shines like glitter, and it exfoliates, scrubs, and you can wash it off. So, it’s pretty cool. I’m going to be showcasing that soon.

For more beauty and fashion inspo, you can check out Solange’s Instagram, and if you’re looking for more in-depth tutorials, reviews, and DIYs, her YouTube channel is full of helpful tips and tricks!

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