The latest optical illusion wreaking havoc on the internet is “The Bag”

Remember last year, when everybody on the internet lost their minds over the dress that appeared gold and white to some people and blue and black to others? And how the dress became a viral sensation that sparked actual scientific studies on color perception and ultimately reassured everyone that they are not color blind – color perception is just subjective?

Okay, well the next obsession is here!

Bustle let us know that a Kate Spade handbag on Twitter has initiated a huge color debate. Some people think its blue, while others are positive that it’s white.


"Oh god #thedress is happening with #mybag."

As you can see, Taylor F. Corso (from Feminist Drilljoy) presented her new bag on social media, and then another user commented, “White. Daring.” Corso claimed, “it’s blue,” and now this is all circling the world wide web and confusing the hell out of people.



It seems like Corso got a bit overwhelmed with the response, but at least she confirmed what color the bag is advertised as being! false


Undeniably, “mystic” is an appropriate description for this bag that has everyone up in arms.

At the end of the day though it’s just a bag, and some people might see it as white, others will see it as more blue. Nobody is right or wrong, but it is a good source of amusement.


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