In the latest “KUWTK,” Kylie Jenner got super real about her own struggles with anxiety

This past Sunday, a new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, and the topic of fame was on everyone’s minds (so meta!). She seemed anxious early in the episode while talking to Kris about the upcoming restocking of her lip kits, but when Kris asked, “You good?” she didn’t really delve into it — except to mention that negative comments do affect her and make her feel nervous.

Later in the episode at a family dinner, Kris mentioned she got boo’d at an appearance and it caused Kylie to open up. She said, “Mom, I’m having really bad anxiety lately,” and it prompted a conversation with the whole table. She said she feels it the most when she’s been working a lot, and Kourtney mentioned that she’d be open to talking to her about it, since she’s dealt with anxiety in the past before, as well.

When talking with her sisters at another point in the episode, Kylie revealed that she has been feeling anxious for quite some time about her meteoric rise to stardom, and how she doesn’t particularly love living under a microscope — something she thinks some people are born for (hint hint, maybe Kim?) and others, like her, are just not cut out to deal with.

Kim asked how her anxiety was, and she said, “I just can’t handle it. I care too much, I read too many things.” We’re assuming she’s talking about negative internet comments here, like she talked about earlier in the episode.

Kim responded, “I was like that.” It can be hard to avoid reading things about yourself, but it sounds like Kim has found a good balance these days.

Kylie then told Kourtney and Kim, “I just feel like I’ve been dealing with anxiety for so long. Some people are born for this life and some people aren’t. I just know I’m not supposed to be famous.”

Anxiety can be tough, and it must be tough to deal with when you have such a public persona — you can never get away and feel anonymous in your feelings, or run to the store to get ice cream in your sweats without feeling like someone is going to recognize you. We hope Kylie finds the support she needs, and keeps talking about her anxiety if she’s found that it’s helpful for her.