The latest Instagram updates are exactly what we needed

Instagram is really coming through these days. First they change their square photo settings so that we can post landscape pics, and now they are stepping up their direct messaging with some really awesome upgrades.

Instagram’s former private messaging function was pretty basic. You could send private images to people, who could like or comment on them. But in order to send more pictures, you’d have to start a new message. Well, not anymore.

According to Fortune, you’ll now have threaded messages, so that you don’t have to have multiple messages going with the same person.

You can also name group chats and share public pictures or hashtag pages. That means when you want to show someone a picture, you don’t have to leave a comment tagging them, which currently makes up 40% of the comments on Instagram according to the site. You can just send it straight to them.

Here’s how the new setup works, according to Instagram’s blog:

And that’s not all that’s new. Messaging will now include a “quick camera” button, emojis, and stickers. Basically everything you need to send your bestie all kinds of random, ridiculous pictures. Yes!

You can get Instagram 7.5 now for both iPhones and Android. And check out the quick vid on the new messaging feature, below.

(Images via Instagram, Apple)


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