The latest ‘Full House’ cast reunion became an incredible ‘Everywhere You Look’ sing-along

Over the weekend, one of our favorite television families held a family reunion for the history books. Which television family am I talking about? Why the Tanners, of course. Oh, and the Katsopolis family was represented too. Also, shout out to honorary Tanner family member, Kimmy Gibbler who was also in fine form. Almost the entire Full House gang reunited to celebrate the birthday of series creator, Jeff Franklin. I guess our invitations got lost in the mail.

The cast took to social media to post pictures of the fun they were having, so it’s kinda like we were there too — at least spiritually. The cast took the reunion magic one step further than we could have ever dreamed when they got on stage to sing the iconic Full House theme song “Everywhere you Look.” Well everywhere we look (i.e. at this video all day long) we see DJ, and Uncle Jesse, and Aunt Becky, and Danny, and Stephanie, and Kimmy . . . where were Michelle(s) and Uncle Joey?

Considering that we still know all the words to the opening montage, it’s nice to know that they do as well. “Chip-a-dee-ba-ba-dow.”

Here’s the video of the gang breaking into song: 

Also a few other choice Insta’s from the soiree, including our favorite ’90s power couple reunited:

Or this one of Danny and the gals.

Also this pic of the Tanner sisters with their Aunt Becky.

This isn’t the first time the whole cast has gotten together and made us freak out a little bit, ’90s style. From their multiple reunions, it seems like the gang all still really care about one another, even all these years later. I guess the family that all lives together in the same giant San Francisco house stays together.

The family previously reunited at Dave Coulier’s wedding.

And Aunt Becky even went out to lunch with Ashley Olsen.

There was a mini-reunion at John Stamos’ 50th birthday party (which we were also not invited to).

Hopefully, this little social reunion only contributes to our forever dream that one day the cast will fully reunite for an actual full-fledged Full House reunion. Stamos fueled those rumors last year, when he happened to mention that there had been “talks” about it. He told ET Online that, “Lately there’s one that we sort of are gravitating towards. It’s not a complete reunion, but a twist. If we can get it done right . . . then we will do it.”

Have mercy. Yes, please.

Until then, at least we have these pictures and that warbly (but incredibly important) video footage.

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