The latest #FollowMeTo pictures are absolutely amazing

In your Instagram scrolling, you’ve more than likely come across a picture series called #FollowMeTo. It’s a hashtag first started by photographer named Murad Osmann, and his pictures are breathtakingly gorgeous. But now, he’s even outdone himself with his latest trip to India.

Basically, instead of just plain landscape photographs, or a surplus of selfies, Osmann photographs his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading him places. Her back is always to the camera, with her hand outstretched behind her, pulling Osmann towards the great wonders of the world.  These two have traveled all over the world, and their latest stop happened to be India. These are the newest #FollowMeTo pictures you’ve got to check out.

What really brings these newest pictures next level is the fact that Zakharova is dressed head to toe in both traditional, and modern, Indian clothing right down to jewelry and some of the most amazing hairstyles I’ve ever seen. The couple (who are engaged) visited places like the Taj Mahal, and the cities of New Delhi and Varanasi. Check them out:

You can se all of Osmann’s work on his Instagram — and I highly suggest you do.  And for the next #FollowMeTo stop? Hong Kong. Oh yes, see you guys there.

(Images via Murad Osmann/Instagram)

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