The latest “Fifty Shades Darker” trailer is here and we are blushing

We already knew the new Fifty Shades movie would be an enticing romantic story perfect for Valentine’s Day. But this latest Fifty Shades Darker trailer is intense on every level.

The new trailer shows a pretty equal mix of tender, sexy, and downright terrifying moments between Anastasia and Christian.

Thanks to the first full trailer for the film, we already had some juicy expectations. But this trailer seems to suggest that those expectations will definitely be met (and then some). Their newly rekindled romance is threatened by all sorts of unwelcome visitors. And it is taking our breath away.

Just when everything seems to be going well again for Anastasia and Christian, their love comes under attack.

There are all elements you’d expect from the sexy film. But Fifty Shades Darker feels like a legit thriller – in more than one way. Even Christian’s foreboding words of “If something were to happen to you, I could never forgive myself,” have a much scarier undertone than anything we’ve seen from this series before.

Oh, and then there’s a bunch more moments of this girl showing up and scaring everyone (especially Anastasia) and it’s all too much to handle.

There are some moments of genuine levity. Like how Dakota Johnson (aka Anastasia) explains that she’s only having dinner with Jamie Dornan (aka Christian) because she’s hungry, when there’s clearly much more to it.

This new trailer shows that this film is going to be surprisingly well-rounded.

There’s love and sex and jealousy and legitimate danger.

The newest poster perfectly encapsulates everything we’d hoped this movie would be.

The good news is we can secure our tickets to this awesome film early thanks to the newly announced advanced sales. The bad news is we still have to wait until February 10th, 2017 to see the film itself. Though, from the looks of it, it’ll be totally worth the wait.