The next Disney animated movie to get the live-action treatment is not what you’d imagine

Beauty and the Beast as a live-action movie? Yes, please. Mulan IRLDuh times a thousand. Reese Witherspoon in a Tinkerbell movie? Yaas qween. Terrifying Fantasia section remake? …Can we watch it with the lights on?

Disney has announced a live-action remake of “Night on Bald Mountain,” an 11 minute portion of the original Fantasia “centered on a dark-winged creature who raised spirits from the dead.” It will also star Reese Witherspoon.

Kidding, kidding! It would be hard to see Reese cast in a super evil role. However, it is rumored that Disney will take it the same route as Maleficent, with the potential villain of a story becoming the protagonist. We can get behind that! Especially a “night of mayhem” — we’re picturing a fun, cheeky romp, maybe with some cool dance sequences and action scenes.

Fantasia has seen reboots before — most notably in Fantasia 2000, the epic collection of newer fantasy scenarios combined with classical and jazz music. My favorite is the epic segment of whales swimming through both the ocean and the air. The original Fantasia had eight segments total, including the famous “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” scene starring Mickey and some rogue cleaning supplies.

The original “Night on Bald Mountain” is an over-load of crazy, freaky imagery, and we can’t wait to see how Disney will interpret it. Check out some moments from the original:

First, these ghosts and their ghost horses gallop through a miasma of fear.

Weird, psychedelic smoke is interrupted with a terrifying face that looks sort of like the Evil Queen from Snow White and sort of like a vampire.

These little fire ladies are dancing. Okay, that’s not super scary.

Oh, wait, they’re turning into terrifying little animal demons with evil eyes.

This guy feels his dark power as he reaches to the sky in a stretch of pure evil.

Honestly, any Disney live-action remake is good news to our ears. Watch the full original clip below!

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