There will probably only be one season of the “Gilmore Girls” revival — here’s why

We are living in the golden age of Gilmore Girls right now, because all seven seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, and if that’s still not exciting enough, Netflix is bringing the show BACK. In case you haven’t heard — but like, duh, of course you have — there’s going to be a limited Gilmore Girls revival series on the streaming site sometime in the near future. This is ridiculously exciting and we can barely contain our excitement.

Thing is, though, this will probably be the only ~bonus~ season of Gilmore Girls. Ever.


If you know your Gilmore Girls lore, you know that from the very beginning of the show, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had the series finale planned out. In her perfect Gilmore Girls world, the show ended with “four words.” What four words? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ She was totally mum about it, and kept teasing that we’d find out during the Gilmore Girls series finale.

And since you know your Stars Hollow history, you know that Sherman-Palladino left the show at the end of Season 6, and her Four Words Prophecy never came true at the end of the final season, Season 7. It seemed as if she was going to take these Four Words to her grave. We’d never know what they were.

Well, good news, because with the Netflix revival, Sherman-Palladino has stated that the last episode — “Fall” — will close out with these Four Words. Still don’t know what they are, or who even says them, but this is still all kind of exciting for diehard Gilmore Girls fans. But…

BUT, you realize what this means, right? If the Netflix revival ends with the last Four Words, the last Four Words that Sherman-Palladino had planned out from the very beginning, she is NOT planning on there being any more Gilmore Girls in the future. This is it. We’re getting the four-episode Gilmore Girls: Seasons, and then no more. We’re returning back to Stars Hollow this one last time, and then we can NEVER GO BACK.

Ok, we can go back, because Netflix. But we’ll never be able to check in present-day on the containing story of Lorelai and Rory EVER AGAIN.


Deep breaths. Things could always change, and we could be gifted with MORE episodes later on down the road. Just looks like right now, we’ve going to cherish the hell out of these four brand new episodes.

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