Here’s why nobody can stop talking about last night’s ‘Walking Dead’

Right away, we’re going to start off with a huge SPOILER WARNING for last night’s Walking Dead. Let me repeat that. SPOILER WARNING, guys. Some pretty heavy stuff went down in Sunday’s episode, “Thank You,” and Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree because of it. This could be a major game changer for Walking Dead. If you didn’t watch the episode cancel all your plans for Monday because this is important (but don’t actually cancel your plans, go to work and stuff but then head home right away to catch up on Walking Dead).

Last chance to turn away…

OK. Season 6 of Walking Dead was teased as being intense in a way that we haven’t seen before (and how can it even GET more intense?). Creator Robert Kirkman teased that every single episode will have a cliffhanger. If that’s not enough, he told The Hollywood Reporter that every death this season will “up [the show’s] game.” Now, we’ve seen it actually happen.


At the end of “Thank You,” Glenn and Nicholas were totally trapped between a fence with walkers and some walkers coming at them, like your typical rock and a hard place situation. They couldn’t escape. So, they climbed on top of a dumpster to try and fight off the walkers as best they could, but they were clearly outnumbered. Seeing no way out, Nicholas turned to Glenn, said “Thank you,” and then shot himself in the head. As he fell, he took Glenn with him. Both fall to the ground, with Nicholas on top as the walkers swarmed in to feast.

Now the big question: is Glenn dead??

Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It certainly looks like he’s dead. As Entertainment Weekly notes, “Are we really expected to buy that not a single zombie would have made a stray bite on Glenn’s face, neck, or wherever?” The evidence certainly stacks up that he’s a goner, and we’re already incredibly bummed out about this. On the flip side, though, maybe Nicholas’ body was just enough to completely cover Glenn so none of the walkers got to him.

Let’s not freak out too much. We’ve gotta have hope. At this point in the Walking Dead comics, Glenn is still alive. Steven Yeun also was suspiciously absent from The Walking Dead after show, Talking Dead, and you’d think he’d totally show up to talk about his own death scene. Also, during Talking Dead, showrunner Scott M. Gimple commented, “In some way we will see Glenn — some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn — again. Either in flashback or the current story to help complete the story.”

That neither confirms no denies if Glenn will be back next week, or even again. It looks like most of the Internet is leaning towards “still alive” but we’ll have to wait and see. Settle in, it’s going to be a really long week.

(Image via AMC)