Last Night’s Best Thing: Maya Rudolph’s Variety Show

When Maya Rudolph was a little girl, she had a dream. Actually, she probably had lots of dreams, but this dream was a daydream. She dreamed of having her very own variety show, and last night, her daydream came true, and it was a huge success. It was brilliantly pointless, perfectly cheesy and hilariously relevant, as any good variety show should be. If you missed the big shebang on NBC, check out these hilarious clips. I think we will all agree that Maya’s show was the best thing to happen to TV last night.

Maya kicked off her show with a big opening number, because what’s a variety show without a big opening number? And what’s a variety show without special celebrity guest appearances?

Here’s a clip of a pretty serious dance off between Maya and Andy Samberg. You’ll see dance moves you’ve never seen before, both big and small.

The highlight of the show was this super relatable sketch that involved Maya, Andy Samberg, Kristen Bell, Fred Armisen and GPS navigation systems.

A lot of people have attempted to bring back the variety show and have failed. But if anyone can do it and make it a success, Maya Rudolph can. She already has. Although the show was a one-time shenanigan, the ratings were strong enough that it’s expected to return as a series. A girl can dream.

Featured image and videos via Thisisinfamous and Youtube

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