8 last-minute Mother’s Day gifts you can get TODAY, because you’re running out of time

RED ALERT, RED ALERT! Mother’s Day is TOMORROW, and not even Amazon Prime will deliver a gift in time at this point. Fear not, you can still find the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift for the leading lady (literally) of your life. First of all, get offline (after reading this, of course), no, not to go watch Mother’s Day-approved movies that pass the Bechdel Test, but to get your Mother’s Day gift!

Because, if we haven’t said it clearly enough: time is running out on this Mother’s Day Eve, and let’s face it, your mother taught you everything you know. She deserves a gift that conveys even a fraction of the gratitude you have for her.

These are the last-minute Mother’s Day gifts you can get TODAY.

1. A donation to a cause that she’s most passionate about in her name.

Chances are, your fervor for social justice and women’s rights started at home with none other than M-O-M. For the mother who has everything (obviously she has you so what more could she want?!), a donation to Black Lives Matter or Planned Parenthood in her name is probably a much-appreciated gift.

2. (Her favorite) breakfast in bed.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the same vicinity as your mother, you can surprise her with breakfast in bed — a classic Mother’s Day celebration! Try this fancy avocado toast recipe or maybe butter her up with these breakfast cookies. She’ll likely love hearing you rustling around her kitchen while she luxuriates in bed, so get your groceries today!

3. A “treat yo’ self” gift basket.

This is so easy to put together with a quick run to a grocery store and/or one of those adorable trinket shops that somehow exist in every town, big or small. Just a few little things to help your mother feel cherished is all you need to make her day. Bonus points if you put it all in an over-sized jar for presentation’s sake.

4. Got siblings? Re-create old family photos.

Nothing will warm your mother’s heart more than seeing you and your sibling re-create old childhood photos. It’s a touching, yet hilarious, way to walk down memory lane and show how much you’ve grown (and that you still love her as much as you did before it was “uncool” to love your mom).

5. Bake her cupcakes or a cake.

This is both a gift for you and your mama, because baking is a mindful and meditative act. It’s also a chance to get creative, and can be done easily after a quick trip to your nearest grocery store for ingredients and lots of frosting. If you’re feeling ambitious, follow this video:

6. Or add her name to a store-bought cake.


Your mom will love you and whatever cake you offer her, regardless of whether or not you made it yourself!

7. Write her a poem, we dare you.

Whether it’s Dr. Seuss-inspired or Rupi Kaur-esque, your mom WILL love any words written from your heart. The great thing about poems is that they can be as long or as short as you want them to be. This could be a fun exercise in creativity for yourself as well!

8. Decorate a wine glass for her because…she deserves it.


Decorating wine glasses is done simply after a quick trip to a local craft store. This plus a bottle of wine (maybe over $10, just a thought), is the perfect gift for your mom who taught you the most important lesson in life: no matter what happens in a day, a glass of wine at its end makes everything better.

At the end of the day it probably doesn’t matter what you give her, as long as you show her you care. Thanks, mommies!

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